Tick tock, tick tock, buzz, buzz, our alarm just went off… Is it already time to update the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist again? It feels like only yesterday we were adding new tracks to the March update. But, as always, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest pop hits. We appreciate you’re all busy bees and understand if a killer track or two may have escaped your ears. Therefore, we’ve curated this playlist just for you. With “This Beat Is Poptronik playlist – June 2023,” you’ll never miss a beat. It’s the perfect playlist to download and jam out to on-the-go. So turn up the volume and tune out the rest of the world. Are you ready? Let’s go!

June 2023 features…

There are no prizes for guessing what track has “Padam Padam“(ed) on its way to the opening slot of the June playlist. Needless to say, the one and only Aussie pop Princess Kylie Minogue takes up residence at the top spot in what is her first appearance of three features in this update. You can also catch her amazing vocals on “Voices” with Jake Shears and “10 out of 10” with Oliver Heldens.

Also of note and steaming its way into the playlist is the seismic collaboration of Sam Smith and Madonna, they really go all in on their statement pop piece “Vulgar.” An especially fitting anthem for those who celebrate their individuality through self-expression.

Following her victory at Eurovision, Loreen has more than earned her spot on the place playlist with the wholly captivating winning song “Tattoo.”

Whatever you do, you should not miss these gems from Alison Goldfrapp, Georgia, Bright Light Bright Light, Tia Kofi, MUNA, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Romy.

Some emerging artists for your radar: 

I’ve been following Rose Gray‘s career for a while now, and her recent track “Ecstasy” really caught my attention. Her music has always been great, but this new release just has that extra something special that makes it stand out. And now with “Happiness,” she’s done it again – combining dancefloor-friendly beats with pop sensibility to create a track that’s impossible not to love.

Lunar June treads a path of sonic bliss with her dreamy electronic pop reawakening. The debut EP, “jaded/faded,” is evidence of Lunar’s prodigious talent and great potential. Further, affirming that the music she is currently making has much to enthral.

It is rare for a newcomer to hold nothing back. And ALF clearly knows what he wants to convey in his songs. There is a great deal of lyrical bite embodied in lines like “Letting you just rip me apart to fill my heart’s void, You’re killing me.” In terms of music, this track packs a notable punch. Yet, the vocals are suitably endearing. Undoubtedly he comes into his element when song-writing. In any event, I fully expect ALF to gain momentum.

Gabi Goldman is a talented musician with an absolutely magnetic voice. Her debut track, “Body Heat,” is a shimmering masterpiece that will inevitably catch the attention of anyone who loves lush, gorgeous pop music with meaningful lyrics. 

Feel free to explore “This Beat Is Poptronik playlist June 2023” at your own pace. You never know, you may just stumble upon your new favourite track or artist! If you enjoy the poptronik playlist, why not tell your friends about it? It would mean the world to us if you could nudge them in the direction of subscribing too. We love sharing our music taste with you and can’t wait to bring you more “This Beat Is Poptronik” news and an updated playlist soon. Stay tuned!…