Recently I noticed the unstoppable Sophie Ellis-Bextor has dropped a new track, “Breaking The Circle“. With countless projects on the go, these days the kitchen disco queen is busier than ever. During the last two years, Sophie was instrumental in helping many of us stay uplifted during the long weeks and months of the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Yet, afterwards she promptly returned to live performance and touring as soon as was allowed. I cannot imagine where she found time to write and record new music, let alone make a new body of work. Since as well as the latest single, “Breaking The Circle,” also acts as the first taster of her upcoming seventh studio album, “Hana” (out 2nd June).

In recent music endeavours, such as the Kitchen Disco and the track “Hypnotized” with Wuh-Oh. Sophie embraced the sounds of the dancefloor. What is more important to note with Sophie is that our ears are never far away from a feel-good pop song from her. The track “Breaking the Circle,” backs this claim. Since the Ed Harcourt collaboration is melodically joyous and uplifting in style.

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“’Breaking The Circle‘ is inspired by those late-night moments you have, where you question everything and feel a buzz of adrenaline about what tomorrow might bring,” Sophie explains. “It’s urgent and dramatic and optimistic. The perfect introduction to the new album.”

It did not occur to me until I watched the new video for the track. How closely Sophie resembles Madonna when she rocked her brunette locks, specifically when promoting “The Power of Goodbye” in 1998. Similarly, it did not strike me she shares similar references in her voice and musical style of this song, reminiscent of Belinda Carlisle. The fact that I am only now noticing this is crazy to me. Since I have listened to and loved Sophie and Belinda for years.

The song “Breaking the Circle” is a testament to the evergreen voice of Sophie continuing to endear her to all.

The album “Hana” is available to pre-order now here.

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