Hey there! I am sure that some of our readers might be curious about the Eurovision coverage on the blog this year. Particularly when the event was hosted in Liverpool, UK, on behalf of Ukraine, the 2022 ESC winners. I must confess, I couldn’t resist catching the Eurovision fever that had swept the nation in the weeks leading up to the semis and final of the competition. Honestly, it was exciting to quietly soak up every bit of the extensive media coverage from my homeland for once. I mean, it’s been 25 years since we’ve had a chance to host, so why not savour it, right?

My focus for blog coverage is instead on the grand final itself. As in all realness, with Loreen as Sweden’s representative, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that she would win anyways. The lead-up to the final generated hype around a few frontrunners. Some songs, unfortunately, didn’t receive the attention they deserved. As a Eurovision fan, I couldn’t help but notice a few overlooked gems from the night.

Let’s recap and take a look at some other highlights of Eurovision 2023. These picks are based on outstanding vocals, as I see them in the 2023 competition.

“Break A Broken Heart” by Andrew Lambrou (Cyprus)

I was a slightly disappointed that the Cyprus entry “Break A Broken Heart” by Andrew Lambrou was drawn third on the show line-up. Even though the Australian singer chosen to represent Cyprus gave a stunning performance. The goosebump-raising ballad was forgotten, with everyone eagerly anticipating the battle between Sweden and Finland. Personally, I really enjoyed Andrew’s powerful vocal range and stellar performance. I would have liked to see Cyprus earn more points. The runs into the falsetto notes gave me chills!

“Watergun” by Remo Forrer (Switzerland)

What a travesty that “Watergun,” the moving song sung by Remo Forrer for Switzerland, didn’t score higher on Saturday. Despite his young age, the 21-year-old singer delivered an utterly powerful performance that showcased his distinctive deep soulful vocals. The song lyrics were especially poignant in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Unfortunately, however, some of the comments I witnessed circulating online made it seem like the song’s true meaning had been lost in translation. To make matters worse, Switzerland was also placed near the Cyprus entry, another ballad, making it even harder for them to stand out.

“Because of You” by Gustaph (Belgium)

Belgium, one hundred per cent understood the assignment with their track “Because of You” by Gustaph. It was amazing seeing them go all out with the disco vibes. Watching from home, I certainly, had the sense that the energy the track created in the arena felt incredible. I loved the song’s message of empowerment and inclusivity, and Gustaph’s performance was just fantastic. The staging was super cool also, with the black and white visuals contrasting against Gustaph’s pink outfit. It was clear that he was so grateful to be a part of the Eurovision experience, and I’m glad he got this moment in the spotlight. I think he deserves recognition as an iconic Eurovision performance for sure.

“Due Vite” by Marco Mengoni (Italy)

(Photo by Andrea Bianchera)

Going into the competition final, I wasn’t familiar with the Italian entry “Due Vite” by Marco Mengoni. However, when he began to sing, I soon realized what I had missed out on. Marco’s performance was incredibly moving, and the way he carried his vocals was noticeably spine-tingling. Using light and shade, he expertly created flawless vocals that seemingly spoke directly to the audience. It was almost as if he had read the room and knew just what the arena needed at that moment. The music was a masterclass, with shimmering synths that I never expected. Overall, it was clear that Marco’s talent and passion won over the hearts of the Eurovision crowd. His performance was simply in a class of its own.

“Tattoo” by Loreen (Sweden)

(Photo by Geoff Spicer)

No Eurovision round-up is complete this year without a few words about the winning song, in this instance, “Tattoo” by Loreen. Having already won the competition in 2012 with “Euphoria,” she is now regarded as a legend in this arena. It’s fair to say that there was no higher level for her to reach, but she still managed to bring Sweden’s strongest entry in the last few years to the competition this year. The build in “Tattoo” was simply amazing, and while, there were a few other strong contenders, namely Alessandra and Noa Kirel, Loreen’s powerful vocals ultimately clinched the victory for her. She brought softness and drama to her performance, and it’s no wonder she took home the winner’s trophy for Sweden.