Yes, it’s true! On May 12th, Alison Goldfrapp will release her solo debut album, “The Love Invention“. Inevitably, since the album announcement went out, a selection of teaser tracks has swiftly appeared in recent weeks. So far, she has shared the songs “Digging Deeper” featuring Claptone and “Fever” in collaboration with Paul Woolford. Her first 100% solo release from this disco and dancefloor-influenced era, “So Hard So Hot“arrived last month. Nonetheless, her latest release, “NeverStop,” is the best I’ve heard by Alison to date and the track I am most fond of.

NeverStop” is the record I was waiting to hear from Alison. The reason I rate it so highly is that this is a track which gravitates towards an electronic style more than the other three dancefloor-readied singles, which have dropped. And from a stylistic viewpoint, I wholeheartedly appreciate the purity of the Richard X touches on “NeverStop,” above all. Besides, Richard X is an icon of the electronic realm. He worked with lots of my all-time pop and electronic artists – Sound of Arrows, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Sam Sparro, among many others. It is no wonder therefore, that I felt the immediate magnetic pull of “NeverStop,” when X’s signature style is heavily imprinted over it.

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Alison says she wrote “NeverStop,” about connecting with each other and nature as we navigate the complexities of life”.

Seemingly the benefit of going outdoors is a theme Alison definitely holds dear. Especially since she wrote her new album, “The Love Invention,” during the pandemic. And Notably because the subject became highlighted in the media and recommended by well-being experts at the time

“feel the wonder, it’s all here,” she sings.

In the place of music videos. Alison is going down a different route for her solo project. A series of “video vignettes were made for some of the songs on this album. These are treated with a range of AI techniques which create extreme fluctuations on a spectrum that glides towards radical fantasy”.

This second vignette sees Alison immersing in nature. As the clip unfolds, there is a sense of a flower bursting into bloom in the choreography of this piece.

As glorious and heavenly as “NeverStop” is. Notably supported by an AI vignette in place of a music video. It is still well worth the watch and is suitably mesmerising.

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