Like it or loathe it. TikTok is the trendiest place in the digital realm to get noticed. In fact, it rarely happens that I don’t receive a press notification about the next big music sensation causing a buzz on TikTok. Although ALF (Alfie Hughes), who uses the handle @whosalf, is best known as a lifestyle influencer than a singer-songwriter in the first instance. To tell the truth, ALF only recently launched a music career. Yet it is safe to say since garnering over 2 million plays of his debut track, “Tired of Being Nice,” that his TikTok following is firmly behind his music.

Since the follow-up track “Killing Me” just dropped. There is no doubt whatsoever ALF is more than a one-trick pony. Upon listening to his indie-pop song, I immediately felt like he is an artist carving out his own path. Furthermore, I found the songwriting to be utterly authentic.

In an interview with the publication Independent Music and Arts Insider, ALF explains the story behind “Killing Me,” (Full interview here)

“The songs personally about a conflict I had with a boy in my life where I think he wanted me to be more of his ideal person rather than just being myself. But I wanted it to be able to fit whatever narrative the listener wants.”

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Working with the producer and co-writer of “Killing Me,” Alex Quinn (Justin Bieber, Michael Aldag). The use of unfiltered lyricism is where ALF stands out. It is rare for a newcomer to hold nothing back. And ALF clearly knows what he wants to convey in his songs. There is a great deal of lyrical bite embodied in lines like “Letting you just rip me apart to fill my heart’s void, You’re killing me.”

In terms of music, this track packs a notable punch. Yet, the vocals are suitably endearing. Undoubtedly he comes into his element when song-writing. In any event, I fully expect ALF to gain momentum. Since his lyrical aesthetic, independent outlook and self-assured attitude make him a compelling proposition.

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