Having been an artist on the ascent for a while, the recent track “Ecstasy” is where Rose Gray made me sit up and listen to what she had to say. However, “Ecstasy” served as the concluding song of her “Higher Than The Sun” sophomore EP campaign. Therefore, I knew there would be a wait until new material from her surfaced. The good news is that Rose is a buzz artist these days and will be performing at some festivals this summer. Therefore as I hoped, Rose has at least one new song, “Happiness,” up her sleeve in readiness to share. Since Gray’s music blends fluoro dance-pop with retro elements, making it irresistible to dance to. This currently marks Rose out as a dream artist for any festival line-up.

While coming up through the ranks, Rose has made no secret of where her music inspiration stems from. In fact, I wholly appreciate Rose’s honesty about where she draws her musical inspiration from. She’s been vocal about Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite and 90s dance music artists being major influences on her sound. You can undoubtedly hear those hints in her music, but in her latest song, “Happiness,” Rose takes it to the next level. She brilliantly blends the grooves of Deee-Lite’sGroove Is In The Heart” with references to the catchy beats of Crystal Waters‘ iconic dance track “Gypsy Woman.” It’s a perfect fusion that showcases her talent and love for the genre.

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Rose’s music is perfect for the dancefloor and has a pop-sensible appeal that is hard to resist. She truly has the best of both worlds. But what really sets Rose apart is her undeniable star quality and fun aesthetic. Her music is infectious. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the energy or the ebullience feelings she exudes. With Rose Gray, it’s all about finding your bliss and living life to the fullest. She’s an inspiration to us all!

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