Two highly anticipated albums were released on Friday. “BOY” by JORDY, the other, “Fuse,” the comeback album release of Everything But The Girl. Consequently, these releases meant I ended up with a lot of listening to get through last weekend. Although, because of the lush, sonic vibes used on the singles “Nothing Left To Lose“, “Caution To The Wind,” and “Run A Red Light“. I decided a chilled Sunday evening was best to take in the soothing soundscapes of “Fuse” for the first time. Coincidently, on Sunday evening Tracey and Ben were live-tweeting one of the much-revered Twitter listening parties hosted by Tim Burgess (frontman of The Charlatans). I thought dropping by would bring a different dimension to my listening. Plus, additional commentary from Ben and Tracey would add to the experience. (Catch up on the listening party HERE)

It turned out I made the right decision. Since it is no surprise, “Fuse” is an aural delight from start to finish. With “Fuse,” you get a blissful unique combination of futuristic sounds with nostalgic sparkling synths to create dreamy melodies that move into soulful-disco atmospheres. A beautiful, clever album laced with Tracey Thorn’s distinctive rich vocals against the mesmeric grooves and slick production of Ben Watt.

The latest focus track is “No One Knows We’re Dancing“. A song which has a more 80s glistening synth-pop feel than the rest of the album.

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Speaking about the track, Tracey says:

“I think we all missed the communality of nightlife and going out during the pandemic. The song is a eulogy to the heyday of packed Sunday clubs – the faces, the secret life, the clubs where Ben DJ’d in the early 2000s.”

“The tempo is deliberately dreamlike,” adds Ben. “Slowed-down disco, like a memory. We asked producer-DJ Ewan Pearson to add some body to the groove and he sprinkles some delicious extra synth lines and thickens the Italo-flavoured drums.”

When there was no pressure on Everything But The Girl to record new material. They undoubtedly made the comeback record of the year. One of the most refreshing albums of 2023 by one of the most endearing electronic, dance-pop duos in the last 40 years.

Check out the album “Fuse” HERE

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