Since returning with their new album “Gloria,” Sam Smith has sparred no time shaking up the pop world by simply expressing their authentic self. In the new songs and videos (“Unholy,” and “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,”) tours and numerous live appearances, no one will be blind to notice Sam is living their best life. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable seeing someone else confidently and joyfully embracing their true self. However, Sam is more than happy to educate those who need it. Since meeting at the GRAMMYs, Sam has teamed up with one of the music industry’s biggest LGBTQI allies, Madonna. Together, they are spreading the message of self-love and acceptance to the masses with their fierce collaboration, “Vulgar.”

It is true to say, the two-minute thirty track is less of a traditional song and more of a statement piece, but I think that’s what makes it so powerful. Sam and Madonna really went all in on this statement pop piece (expletives included), and their message is crystal clear. Even though they don’t actually sing, their speaking tone is still confident and resolute. I appreciate their encouragement to keep expressing ourselves in whatever way feels right to us.

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Sharing this recording during Pride month is a powerful way to amplify your message of defiance. Furthermore, this makes “Vulgar” an especially fitting anthem for those who celebrate their individuality through self-expression. Of course, there will always be haters who try to bring you down, but standing strong in your truth is the ultimate act of rebellion. Life is for living. “Choose life” was the phrase adopted by Wham! in the 80s. Since being bombarded with taunts of vulgar for expressing themselves, it is inspiring to see how Sam and Madonna rise above the negativity and continue to spread positivity in their own unique ways.

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