They are little erring towards pop/rock but Muna’s Katie Gavin has one of the more distinctive voices in pop right as now, that we have become enraptured and beguiled at the merest whiff of. Coupled with the fact that we feel full flowing shades of Beth Ditto larger-than-life mannerisms, exuding note-by-note from out of Katie’s kisser. That’s not to say there isn’t more to Muna, and what fellow bandmates Josette and Naomi bring to the bigger picture, it’s just that Katie is really out there with the job of carrying the image of the band.

We were such fans of Muna’s “Loudspeaker” as all the elements of pop greatness oozed out of it in incalculable measures of special. But as a band who have been percolating out there for a while, we’d kinda caught onto the fact, that over their past couple of single especially the time for Muna to shine is upon us.

The singles and presence is evident in growing stronger and it isn’t surprising to learn that debut album “About U” has a release date etched in for February 2017. This announcement comes supported by another count-down single, a rather rallying cry for peace, justice and unity, through the pulsing vibrancy of “I Know A Place”. It’s the type of track that acts as a voice for anyone that needs it. What more can we say of it than we find it totally terrific that it makes us want to go hug everyone we come in close proximity of when listening to it.

This is the music of a band on-the-cusp of the big time. Totally expect Muna to feature heavily in shaping the pop landscape of 2017, onwards of when the debut album arrives.