It is because I detected more of a dance vibe in the music that I did not get behind pop riser Rose Gray yet. Since Rose secured a soundtrack feature on the latest FIFA 23 video game. I realise that I maybe should be less dismissive of these effervescent club tracks. This is because, on this soundtrack, only the most fiercely hotly-tipped up-and-comers make the cut. Furthermore, “Ecstasy,” the latest focus of just unleashed sophomore EP “Higher Than The Sun,” is a track produced by Alex Metric, and I cannot remember when in all honesty, the last time was that Alex was featured on this blog.

If you haven’t heard, Rose Gray’s gradual progression into rave bops has picked up pace in recent months. The arrival of the “Higher Than The Sun,” EP, the track “Prettier Than You,” and the Fifa Soundtrack has raised her profile to no end. Although it is the electrifying EP lead track, “Ecstasy,” that impresses me the most. This song taps into a 90s pop vibe and is reminiscent of what an Alice Deejay and bubblegum pop cocktail might sound like. In that, the track is pretty high-octane and uplifting. (Hence the song title).

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As mentioned above, the song draws inspiration from retro vibes. When considering the music video director, Rauri Cantelo‘s aim for “Ecstasy“…

“Was to create a weird and wonderful world that employs a crossover between those iconic late 90s/early 00s music videos and the new wave sci-fi era of the 60s/70s”.

Therefore, this is why we see Rose transformed into a scientist but given a futuristic twist. In a clip conveying a sense of duality of creator vs created. And with a sense of clinical yet playful hyper-realness.

Summing up. Rose Gray is emerging as one of the hottest rising artists right now. In particular, with fans of Little Boots and Lady Keir in mind, she is bound to be your next favourite artist. In 2023, we should expect Rose to garner even greater attention as a result of, “Ecstasy” and because she promises more music is on the way.

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