Owing to the Easter holidays and the start of the 2023 festival season. This week has felt somewhat slower in terms of new music releases. As a result, fewer songs seemed to be about to grab my attention. In the end, however, something did come along to restore my excitement. Mid-week, Romy (Madley-Croft), the co-vocalist and guitarist with The xx, dropped a new song, “Enjoy Your Life,” on Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Claro Amfo. This is a track I am seriously digging at the moment. In fact, the life-affirming lyrics, namely, “Enjoy your life,” had me hooked right from the start.

With her solo career, Romy is branching into dance-pop. And since dance music often gets a bad rap, sometimes being misunderstood as hedonistic or meaningless. This is one of those times when to be able to truly appreciate a song, a deeper understanding of the lyrics is needed.

The source of inspiration behind the latest Romy track is the Beverly Glenn-Copeland song “La Vita“. Romy used Beverly’s lyrics, “My mother says to me, enjoy your life,” to open up her song.

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In a heartfelt Instagram post, she discusses the poignant connection and meaning of the song further.

“When I heard the line. Those few words felt like the most simple and disarming sentence. Ever since I was 11, (when Romy’s mum passed away) “I’ve been aware of and drawn to the phrase, life is short. I’ve felt inspired by people who I’ve seen react to this by trying to see the positives in life, even when things are going wrong and times are hard”.

“As much as I’d love to naturally be one of those people, I’m not always able to do this myself and often get in my own head and my own way, so sometimes a reminder goes a long way”.

By opening up, Romy brings a completely different perspective to the Fred Again…, Stuart Price and Jamie xx produced track. Whereby the piece is poignant and celebratory.

In keeping with the sensitive subject matter of “Enjoy Your Life.” The music video, directed by Vic Lentaigne (Romy’s wife and filmmaker), uses personal family footage of Romy and her mother to further illustrate the poignancy of the track.

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