Remember this? It’s our EQ Music Blog playlist:- “This Beat Is Poptronik” – January 2023. Admittedly, it has been a while since we updated the playlist. However, as it is New Year. We thought we would take another shot at it. While recognising that we posted about some incredible songs on the blog lately. We have compiled a new list for ourselves and for you, also, our readers. To ultimately assist us all with avoiding an unwelcome dose of the January blues.

Recap begins…

JANUARY 2023 features…

In November, with the arrival of his new song, “Satisfaction,Darin turned the heat up with a different level of hotness. As a matter of fact, the track is not only, hotter than hot, but it is also a pivotal transition in his life and music career.

The Sugababes (Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchannan) dropped their album “The Lost Tapes” on Christmas eve. These are much spoken-about and sought-after tracks that have lain in the Sugababes vault for years. To celebrate. We felt it suitably fitting the MNEK co-write “Drum” gets a prominent feature on “This Beat Is Poptronik” -January 2023.

Ava Max’s latest electrifying pop cut. “Dancing’s Done” exhibits an epic dance floor sound. And owns a stylistically strong 80s electro-pop vibe. It is a track that makes no excuse for what it is. A song about love and lust. (Although, not necessarily in this order.)

Whatever you do, you should not miss these gems from ALMA, Nic Billington, JORDY, Initial Talk ft Sam Sparro, PJ Brennan and Zac Poor.

Put these emerging artists on your radar: 

In my opinion. In “Hey Cowboy,” Devon Cole, an alt-pop singer-songwriter from Toronto released only the second funniest song of 2022. She showed that powerful lyricism paired with a fun-loving dose of playfulness creates a powerful and addictive mix.

Adam Evans is in his infancy as an independent artist. Yet the signs are good as his burgeoning pop career takes off. As a result of sharing raw and honest vulnerability while soul-searching in his songs. In the tracks “Hypothetically” and “BITE ME!,“ Adam Evans demonstrates his undeniable talent. This, in my opinion, is proof positive why he is an artist to watch.

Musically drawing comparisons with Kate Bush and Foxes. The album “The Words” demonstrates Liz Cass as one of the most promising intelligent pop acts to break through this year.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. With Sam Short, we see beyond the TikTok hype. Listening to “Taste It,” is a slice of heartbreak pop art. Equally. The details that are so intense and raw.

With every release, Alexander Stewart creates, even more, one- to-watch buzz. It isn’t any wonder he applies his craft to heartbreak and sad pop songs. Since he is blessed with a super emotive vocal. In addition, his delivery is extremely moving. In fact, almost every song he releases is sent viral within days, if not hours. His talent is undeniable. Look out for him. Since with a handful of tracks to his name, he is only warming up.

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