There was no way news about the hot Oliver Heldens and Kylie Minogue collaboration would be kept quiet for too long. Albeit, I was shocked to recieve the track last week, that was sent out early to bloggers and journalists. However, not so surprisngly, as soon as track teasers began to hit social media, this caused speculation to rapidly spread like wildfire among Kylie Minogue fans. (Recently, Kylie expressed her excitement at her upcoming 16th studio album. She hinted it will feature a mix of electro and 90s house music). There was a great deal of hope that the track would be Kylie’s album’s lead single. Thus, in light of the buzz generated by fans, has ended up, making the Oliver Heldens (feat Kylie Minogue) track “10 out of 10” the worst-kept secret of the week.

Considering the substantial teasing together with the preview plays, he dropped into his recent DJ sets. It is safe to clarify “10 out of 10” is an Oliver Heldens track (feat Kylie Minogue). Although, bearing in mind Oliver’s pioneer of future house status, getting a global pop icon like Kylie to join him on this song is still about as big as a pop A-lister collaboration gets.

As a matter of fact, this is not the only time Oliver and Kylie have shared the same billing. Another time they joined forces was in fact when he supported her on some dates of the, 2014, “Kiss Me Once” tour.

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Now almost a decade later, they unleash an undeniable earworm which is exhibiting throwback Stock Aitken Waterman vibes. No one will be immune to it, since it’s contagious as a roar of laughter spreads. Unreservedly, “10 out of 10” is one massive crossover appealing banger.

Therefore, as the track hits digital outlets, I predict it likeliest that both pop fans and clubgoers alike will be desperate to eat it up.

Shall we wager a bet?… “10 out of 10” will fast-track Oliver Heldens as a household name in the space of a week.

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