Throughout this year, Bright Light Bright Light has released extraordinarily upbeat music, only. I, for one, am loving these new feel-good vibes from Rod. The best news is there is much more music on the way. Since, over this year, he plans to release a track every 2 months. This will then build to an album release in 2024.

The reason I am a little late with sharing the news. Bright Light Bright Light and I have been rather like ships in the night this year. Moreover, the previous song, “Sweet Release,” happened since I was away on holiday. It’s somewhat a miracle that as Rod releases “Boys Etc.” his track for May, I am back in the UK for a while.

In “Boys Etc.” Rod is expressing joy. More specifically, this song is about taking a chance at happiness.

“I’m not like all the other boys. I’m giving you music. They’re giving you noise”… “I’m giving you music. I’m giving you magic. I’m giving you joy until there’s nothing left”.

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For this release, dance floor-filling club sounds are the order of the day. After the acoustic and stripped-back sets of the pandemic, I am not surprised Rod had the urge to boldly scale up with an uplifting dance-pop style on the new songs. Anyone might think in making these euphoric songs, he’s planning to throw a party, or two, or three. We are not wrong in these assumptions! US and UK tours will take place this year. These are his first tour dates since the COVID disruption.

Rod kicked off on the US dates last night in Boston. Yet, there is still time to catch him at his Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago and New York dates – Ticket Info HERE

The UK Tour kicks off in Manchester on 7th September 2023 at Night and Day Café, this show is in association with EQ Music Blog. As well as Nic Billington on support, we will announce another special guest joining the lineup soon. So stay tuned…

Tickets for the Manchester show in September are available now HERE

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