Jake Shears and Kylie Minogue have teamed up for a new track that has quickly become the power collaboration of the week. “Voices,” which is found on Jake’s new album “Last Man Dancing,” showcases the incredible talents of both artists. Of course, this isn’t the first time Jake and Kylie have worked together. When brought together by DJ twins Mim and Liv (aka Nervo) back in 2015. They collaborated on the hit disco track “To the Other Boys,” also featuring Nile Rodgers. It is no wonder Jake’s infectious energy and Kylie’s unmistakable voice make their musical collaborations such a hit.

In the wake of Kylie’s current “padam padam“-demic, I wondered if anyone else thinks it strange that “Voices” hasn’t yet been released as a single? In my opinion, it’s the most dreamy and beautiful song on the “Last Man Dancing” album. The album focuses on dance and party music, but “Voices,” stands out as an extra special, gem. I read an interview with Jake in Retropop Magazine where he said “Voices” is the oldest song on “Last Man Dancing,”, and he wanted to build the whole album around it. It is evident he has a lot of love and respect for this song, and I agree that it deserves some more attention. (Check out more of the Retropop interview HERE).

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In light of the above I therefore, have a request to make. It would be wonderful if, at some point, Jake and Kylie could perform “Voices” live together. Witnessing their collaboration on stage would be an unforgettable experience. Perhaps this could happen during Kylie’s upcoming tour for her forthcoming album “Tension,” especially since Jake has recently completed his own tour dates. I can’t wait to see if a live collaboration is in store!

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