Aside from TikTok, YouTube, Spotify recommendations and music blogs… obviously. Music festival lineups are also a great place to discover emerging music talents. Although, as yet, you probably won’t have noticed today’s new artist discovery, Lunar June, pop-up on any posters or flyers. This is because of two things. First, she recently underwent a re-branding. Second, she only rolled out her debut single, “lean on,” in November last year. Nonetheless, she knows how to make some cracking tunes of the synth/dance-pop persuasion. These are a skilful blend of dreamy electronic-pop music, best suited for luxuriating in, no less.

With the debut EP “jaded/faded,” just out. I made sure, that this past weekend, I absorbed every bit of the soothing, spellbinding, and uplifting ambience of the body of work. I have to say, this was a listening experience which felt lush and chilled out. And without question, unlike most of my regular weekend, new music listening sessions.

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“Now more than ever there is movement and theatrics – I want people to feel it. I like to make people dance, move and connect. But, I only ever want to write something that’s meaningful, rather than just singing empty words,” Lunar comments.

Taking in the shimmering soundscape of “jaded/faded“, my attention was immediately drawn to the lyrical narratives. In the songs, “lean on,” “you/feeling,” “lose my mind” and “holding onto u,” Lunar discusses the emotional shifts she went through during the pandemic. By using affecting storytelling, she discusses various topics regarding relationships. For example, experiences falling in and out of love and learning to trust her intuition. It is in her lyricism that Lunar equally translates raw emotion and vulnerability in an almost effortless manner. Whereas the abiding mood of these songs remains that of conscious introspection.

Lunar June treads a path of sonic bliss with her dreamy electronic pop reawakening. This debut EP, “jaded/faded,” is evidence of Lunar’s prodigious talent and great potential. Further, affirmating that the music she is currently making has much to enthral.

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