Through 2019, it has been really cool to see a new influx of male newcomer, music artists arriving on the scene. More’s to the point, ones who are ready with very, good pop efforts to share. I don’t wish to put a curse on the trend, (since I am loving all that it has been giving – see, for example, Where Is Maps, Myylo, Peter Thomas, Joel Rothwell, Noak Hellsing, and Jens.) But in recent months, it does kind of feel like pop acts are properly, finding their footing again. The trend shows no signs of abating with the names mentioned above, as I’ve become aware of another promising one to watch, Los Angeles singer-songwriter, Elliot Jones.

Currently, the talent is declaring “I’m In Love” with his latest release. To be fair, when I grabbed my first listen of the dreamy, electronic-pop track, I immediately fell head over heels, with it. I have every faith fans of Troye Sivan, Lauv et al alike, will feel similarly the same way also. The track definitely sits in the same wheelhouse of softer, intimate, lyrically painted offerings. Where the tracks, sweetly melodic tones, glide down the ear nicely, while implanting happy thoughts in the mind.

“Falling in love is such a high. I really wanted to embody that feeling, with a song and video that looks and sounds like that first rush of meeting someone, who you’re ready to ride or die for.” Elliot comments of the song.

Today, Elliot has unveiled the accompanying music video which sits alongside the independent release. The clip is emotively strung. The singer appears, visibly love-drunk and overwhelmed by feelings. There is a sense that time has stopped still and he’s inhabiting in a loved-up bubble, on cloud nine, as though in a dream-like state. It is an honest interpretation, capturing the effects of experiencing warm, and fuzzy, feelings.

As a self-raising, DIY artist, who shares emotive songwriting with depth and heartfelt honesty. I have no trouble seeing that these ethics are yielding one exciting pop prospect in Elliot Jones.

Connect with Elliot Jones
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imelliotjones
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imelliotjones
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imelliotjones/