So Elliot Jones went and made a music video for his recent delectable, pop offering “Groupie,” and the clip is an extremely nice watch. What else could the singer-songwriter give us for this mesmerisingly challenged pop ditty, than to serve looks and look hot, fire. He replicates, stepping into his pop idol’s shoes, mimicking everything from moves, glances, to borrowing, fashion ideas. He’s super obsessed, craves attention and is on a mission to get noticed. Do we think for one minute that the real Elliott Jones underneath the glitter is as upfront and brazen as the crazed pop-fan he portrays? I think not, but it looks as though he relished stepping into this role and dressing the part, if only for the sake of making a music video.

In sending over his latest, Elliot explained over email – “Groupie” is a darker dance track about feeling like I’m always going out of my way to support someone who wouldn’t do the same for me. The lyrics speak about a toxic relationship where I feel like a groupie to a rockstar and ultimately serve as a tribute to that era of 70’s music culture.”

OK, so the term groupie is being used figuratively here but very much, prominently in visual terms (because it makes the whole creative aesthetic, pop that little bit extra.) While, additionally meaning, Elliot has nabbed the opportunity to dress in homage to pop icons Elton John, Bowie and Prince. Filmed under the direction of Chris Garcia and Shawn Binder and styled by Haley Hancock. It is a very nice, music video which is suitably eye-catching. Oh boy, did the camera, love everyone involved in this video shoot. I’m thinking, the band and Elliot, make damn fine poster boys, no? Had this video had been made by Greyson Chance, for instance, it would have hundreds of thousands, millions of views for sure. In my opinion. The production is every bit as stellar, as those which have the luxury of a big budget being poured into them.

Connect with Elliot Jones
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imelliotjones
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imelliotjones
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imelliotjones/

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