Troye Sivan has given so much from his sophomore album “Bloom” already. The journey began about a year ago when he stormed back into our lives with “My My My!.” And ever since we’ve witnessed the singer blossom and grow in confidence with every new release. Troye has been astute, he’s saved up the album track “Lucky Strike” as another promotional opportunity. The video for the track arrives in the interim break between the American/North American tour which he completed recently and the commencement of the UK/European dates beginning in February.

You won’t see me complaining that Troye is taking us all on a trip down to the beach with him for the clip, which accompanies the song. The weather has been a touch on the wintry side in the UK today. It is nice to have something hot and sunny to gaze longingly at. In addition to the hotness that is Troye, the video has all of that as well. The Emma Westenberg directed visual follows the singer relaxing in the sun, daydreaming about the buff beachside bartender. Yearning for a holiday, rah, rah ah-ah-ah! romance with the hunk. Might it be, Troye underestimates the allure of his sweet admiring glances. Does he feel they won’t be noticed in the way he so clearly craves?

If I tell you any more, I will spoil the plot of the video. I’m putting a lid on those thoughts. I have made another observation from watching the clip that I wanted to mention instead. Looks as though there is an attempt from Troye to bring back the style trend of wearing his shirt one-side tucked-in, the other side loose and flowing (the half-tuck.) He teams the look with black shorts. Whereas it could have turned out to be a messy fashion faux pas he manages to keep his stylish image intact. I get the impression, (perish the thought I’m even going here) Troye was never ‘low-rider’ jeans wearer. The good-looking, beach-side bartender in this video would do well to think about that!

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