My normal Friday routine is probably not dissimilar to all music bloggers. I get out of bed, put a brew on and check out the new releases on Spotify. More often than not this gives me a heads-up on the press releases that will pour into my inbox later in the day. Last week was a little different as much of the music industry were still enjoying their end of year break. As such, I wasn’t at all ready for the first crop of new music releases of the year to be sprinkled with a few gems. But as soon as I hit play upon the track “Any Other Way” by the artist jens, I stopped scrolling through the playlist to hit the repeat button quite a few times.

It was clear to me, this young chap jens was signed to a label and thus, likely fostered by a serious team of top tier creatives behind the scenes. It doesn’t take a lot of head-scratching to deduce, the upbeat, catchy track appears to be have been produced with garnering radio support in mind. As far as who is the singer is… the internet tells us he is simply known as jens (no caps!,) a 23-year-old from the island of Askøy close to Bergen in Norway. He is signed to Universal Music Norway, has steadily been unleashing tracks throughout 2018 which are increasingly becoming more pop-edged with each release.

The track “Any Other Way” won me over instantly because it has all the necessary characteristics of an A+ pop song. It has a slow-burning verse segment which leads into a memorably catchy chorus section. As the song progresses, the melody becomes more euphoric and uplifting. It spans dynamics, swings from quiet and intricate moments through to the grandiose and epic. Nonetheless, the track exposes a streak of vulnerability through the lyrics, which to be honest only makes the song even more endearing.

I know, it seems like every young emerging male pop artist gets compared to Troye Sivan these days. I really DO think jens could be Norway’s own future pop star, who appears to have a similarly appealing style and sound to the celebrated and adored Australian singer.

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