Emerging Nashville singer-songwriter Myylo has written into me on a number of occasions during the past twelve months to notify me of various tracks he was releasing. The sticking point for earning coverage has always boiled down to one element being amiss. Stylistically these individual tracks didn’t really fall under our catchment radar of electronic pop. If I have learned any one thing about the burgeoning singer-songwriter through our bts networking. It is that the Myylo chap sure knows how to write engaging and relatable lyrics. While still not being bang on the money with the electronic-pop vibe, his current track “Cyborg” see’s that he gets his lucky break on EQ Music Blog.

The things I particularly like about Myylo’s tracks, on the whole, are the positive energy they provide. How he allows us to see the little quirks of his personality come through in the lyrics, is rather charming. And is what I connect with the most in his work to date. Although, overall the style in which these pieces landed, had a tendency to be a bit too gushing in the same direction as the musicality of Meghan Trainor’s syrupy loaded pop releases. Which really do not appeal to pop taste buds at all. Myylo has reigned back the sugariness on “Cyborg” swapping it out for a bigger dose of his tongue-in-cheek wit and humour, which does, however, manage to slap a small warmly appreciative smile on face.

The opening line of “Cyborg” is pretty fantastic as it goes. Myylo proudly sings, “Elton John is my great grand daddio, I’m a rocket man.” It sets the tone of the song which is a bit cheeky, while he continues reminiscing about a former boyfriend, he still hasn’t quite fully gotten over.

Myylo is a charmingly charismatic new pop artist intent on creating songs in his own way. He has vision, plays to his best strengths and above all, is an especially talented lyricist, to note.

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