Even if you don’t know LA residing Peter Thomas by name, chances are you may possibly already know some of his songs. Betty Who fans are sure to be aware of the songwriter, instrumental and vocalist. He helped write and produce some of our favourite tracks from the singer, “Somebody Loves You“, “Human Touch” and “Ignore Me“. Whereas more recently he is credited as producer for “Walk Me Home” by Pink! You may now think to yourselves, how could these achievements possibly be topped? After, lending a helping hand to other artists during recent years. Peter feels the time has come to start releasing music of his own. In fact, two tracks have already been unleashed in lead up to the multi-talents forthcoming debut album.

Aware of Peter’s previous efforts for other artists, it is no surprise that his writing style feels instantly familiar on his own material. The emotively touching lyrics. The relatable subject matter taken from life experiences are all present on each of the introductory singles, “Watching TV With The Sound Off“, and “Look at What We’ve Done“. Soundwise these tracks are the kind of soft and soothing electronic-pop pieces we’d expect to hear, coming from either Troye Sivan, Lauv or Leland. As such, I feel sure the honest, confessional music of Peter Thomas will resonate equally as well with millenials and pop music lovers alike.

In just two beautifully crafted songs, Peter throws a light on topics around, love, loss and hope. The dreamy synths and hazy harmonies of “Watching TV With The Sound Off” evoke a slice of warm romance. Melancholy strikes on “Look at What We’ve Done” but it is such a tender song, that it should and probably will melt the coldest of hearts.

Based on what I’ve heard so far, the key to Peter Thomas, mastery is attention to detail when it comes to skilful arrangement and production. Emotion is a priority when it comes to lyrics, with a compelling use of subtlety evident. Outwardly, Peter Thomas may appear mysterious and enigmatic, scratching beneath the surface he is breathing life into some truly endearing pop.

Connect with Peter Thomas
Twitter: @iamPeterThomas
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peterthomas/