There have been quite a lot of music artists who have chosen to use the stage name Maps isn’t there?It’s good to see that this newly emerging Swedish singer-songwriter has thought about this and astutely put a “Where is” precursor in place, to eliminate confusion. The Stockholm newcomer arrives with an enthralling debut by way of synth decorated effort “Never the Same.” And instantaneously excites my ears with his soothing style and impassioned lyricism.

This song is subtle in its styling and is all the more alluring for it. Where is Maps, immerses us into a sonic soundscape of lushness. Where blissfully soothing, electronic tones radiate with warmth and the honest lyrics are painted with poignant imagery. The track is as compelling as it is comforting. Chilled, loungy beats are used to scale up the emotion of the song, which is itself etched, with feelings. Strange as it may seem a comparable styling-wise, draws me towards “Somebody Else”, The 1975’s most emotive led effort to date.

It isn’t just the song which is addictive. Listen closely to what the lyrics are telling us. They are kind of evasive, of finer details, but give more than a hint about forming a dependency on something or someone. Whatever the influence has got its claws in, has changed the course of this person’s life. They have had a bite of the cherry but still, want more. The same can be said of this introduction from Where is Maps. It is our first taste of his musicianship, and it’s delicious to the point of hitting the repeat button to indulge in more spins of the track. With a sound similar to Erik Hassle and Kim Cesarion, this Swede is poised to capture our attention further when the debut EP arrives on the Dreams Never Die imprint later in December. I feel sure the impending release will urge us to keep track of him in 2020.

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