Manchester has always produced some very, good pop music talents, down the years. While I really, don’t know what is in the air, up there in the North West of England. Might I suggest, whatever source of magic is helping to turn out such artistry, should be bottled and sold with a top-dollar price tag. Among the notable rising-talents, from the city, singer-songwriter Joel Rothwell has been garnering some well-deserved attention with his authentically, heartfelt style of pop. When at first you hear his radiantly glowing, top-tier voice. I warn you had best, be prepared to fall charmed with the full extent of his all-encompassing artistry.

Although Joel has been making impressive steps in getting noticed. I sense, awareness around him, in the immediate future will only become even hotter with the release of the latest effort, “Know Them” and newly premiered accompanying video.

Joel shares, of the exceptionally, accomplished track.

“‘Know Them‘ is about being let down, but in the long term, overcoming what’s gone on and learning from your mistakes. Whether it’s work or love.”

It is hard not to notice the strong emotiveness of this song. Which was produced by Scott Dasco (Tom Walker) both written, and recorded along, with other material for the debut album. While under the support of songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy, (famed for working with the likes of the Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, Lulu and Take That.) The polished result is recompense for a difficult period he experienced being bullied at school, and for which he now has become an anti-bullying advocate through his music platform. If you would like to learn more about Joel’s experience, suggest you take a watch of his recent interview with Sky News, where he bravely speaks out about the topic.

Know Them” is an intoxicating, contemporary pop track which could quite easily have been recorded by Zayn, Nathan Sykes or Liam Payne. Comparisons made as such because of the silky soulfulness in Joel’s voice. But it is his whole lotta genius pop sensibility which I feel will stand the singer-songwriter in good stead. I urge you to get on board with Joel right away because I feel all by itself the latest track, stuns as much as excites.

DIARY DATE! Catch Joel at his headline show at Manchester Academy in February 2020 – tickets here

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