When “Bloom” the sophomore album by Troye Sivan arrived in 2018, the singer had moved into a period of danceable and uplifting, music-making. With time it has become evident he doesn’t care to stay in the one place musically. He’s always pushing towards including new style elements in his work. The track “Take Yourself Home” which dropped in April, runs a gamut of styles. A fusion piece of soft sonics, glued by melancholy beats. We couldn’t help but notice what a departure in sound it is from what went on in the last album. A sonic palette which continues to be explored on the follow-up single “Easy.

The mood is largely-set by the themes and narratives carried in the music. Since Troye has revealed of his upcoming EP “In A Dream” from which these last two tracks are taken, it is,

“A story, that’s’ still unfolding. This small collection of songs explores, an emotional rollercoaster period in my life when the feelings and thoughts were most, shockingly fresh,” explains Troye Sivan. “Revisiting these songs and moments is tough, but I’m proud of this music and excited to have it out in the world.”

The ominous tone left by “Take Yourself Home” is replaced on “Easy” with that our a more melodic, hopeful, optimistic vibe. In fact, it feels like a build on the soundscape covered by debut release “Blue Neighbourhood.” The songwriting tells all that we need to know about this track. The examining of a relationship which has, spun-off course. Heartbreak bleeds through the sadness tinged in the lyrics and similarly, the official video directed by Troye follows suit. The clip is littered with symbolic references, white rabbits mention of fire (both lyrically and visual.) The presence of water is first used to create a reflective ambiance. Secondly, its symbology is flipped, to suggest a cleansing or rebirth processed has occurred. At least in its final seconds, the clip leaves us with a glimmer of hope, that things may have a chance of getting back on course from here. Because, the unfeigned, lyricism sure does leave a lump in the throat and uneasy feeling hanging in the air. I could just, sit in a dark room not so quietly, sobbing while simultaneously, searching for comfort in a luxury box of Hotel Chocolat. That’s the effect both the song and video have had on me. “Easy” really, does make you feel this way. Grab a tissue. Look at and experience this for yourselves.

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