Troye Sivan

There is no doubt in my mind that Troye Sivan has come through with one of this years major EP releases. As when “Wild” dropped recently it became instantly apparent just how much the young artiste has grown in development since his “TRYXE” EP even.

Title track “Wild” far exceeded the expectations built up on the hype of it and especially so the first episode of the visual trilogy package “Blue Neighbourhood”. If we can just recount back on this, the visual to “Wild” set the tone for the trilogy by serving a plot overview which captured a boy-hood friendship develop into a blossoming relationship of same-sex love. Endearingly portrayed, the clip gave a sense of innocence in amongst the strong emotional release but as it came to its close, left a feeling of intrepidation and stepping into the unknown through the naivety of it all at the same time.

Fools” picks up where “Wild” left off, instantly evoking quite a broader range picture of tension and exploring a dramatic dynamic whereby the coupling come face to face with the rath of family disapproval. As seen by the father-figure of Troye’s love interest lashing out verbally and with actual physical actions of violent anger directed at his son.

It’s a gut wrenching turn of events to watch-over and as this penultimate episode draws to a close. There is an indication that there are even darker times ahead, as the drama plays out with a sneak peek into what the tone of the final episode will bring about. It’s looking gravely bleak for someone!

Fair play to Troye, these visuals are gripping, wrought with emotion and beautifully turned out all at the same time and with some true-grit purpose of awareness running through them, giving off a bigger connect with the viewing audience.