In case you thought it was a one-off. Allow me to confirm that the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlists are well and truly back. We never intended them to go away, (we prefer to say they went on hiatus) it just happened that way for a while. In January we took a look back at the best electronic, pop and indie songs of 2019. In the newly unleashed February 2020 edition, we get stuck into the new sounds which have been featured on EQ Music Blog, in recent weeks.

Look upon the playlist as a portable version of EQ Music Blog to feed directly into your ears. For those who prefer moving pictures of the pop music video variety, the playlist has also been uploaded to YouTube for the first time. (We are cutting edge, move with the times, you know.) Besides I fully understand, not everyone wants to read the reviews I always put a lot of thought into, and sometimes just want to dive ear-first into the music instead. We think we’ve now got all the aspects covered, and you can pick your preferred poison, so to speak. There really is no excuse not to enjoy and support electronic, pop, indie music, be it from established or newly, emerging artists.

Who is featured?…
Being that we’ve had mad love for Pet Shop Boys and Georgia, all month, they are in.

Equally, Benjamin Ingrosso and Greyson Chance impressed. Dropped off, smoking hot, jams and very good music videos.

We think “Everything” by Sam Sparro and “International Woman of Leisure” by La Roux, are being slept on, too much for our liking. They have been added as well.

Newcomers to Note:
Touted as the next pop sensation Tate McRae, has a lot of interest in her (Her debut tour dates have all completely sold out.)

Exciting pop prospect Elliot Jones sits in the same wheelhouse of softer, intimate, lyrically painted offerings like Troye Sivan and Lauv.

Look no further, your coolest new pop upstart is L Devine. Her modern indie-pop track “Boring People” is currently occupying a lot of our listening time.

Enough of our words, go and explore the playlist and discover a new favourite track and/or artist for yourself.

We’ll update you again on “This Beat Is Poptronik” news next month. (promise.)