Earlier this year Alphabeat’s Anders and Anders broke away from their perky pop mothership and tested the waters with a fully-fledged disco delight by way of their enthusiastic kaleidoscopic dance pop diddy “Dizzy”. Which as much as it’s frenetic and vivacious flamboyance deemed it dizzy by name as dizzy by nature, in our considered opinion.

Well the Danes return joined by a guest assisting on vocals. That is no less than soulful pop crooner Sam Sparro, of whom we don’t tend to hear so much about these days as we’d like. Even though Sam’s just enjoyed the third cycle of his “Quantum Physical” series coming to fruition this year. To have Sam back from these experimental projects back into the bosom of old school grooves and funk jams, propelled by the creative hands of Anders and Anders dropping the beats so super hot like this, really is a slice of party flavours that tickles our taste buds with an awesome sauce like explosion of stomping naughty intentions. Which go beyond the frontiers of the plentiful happy hits that Alphabeat’s legacy generously gifted us.

From our heads being filled with Alphabeat’s insanely hooky pop infectiousness to shaking our groove thangs to THANKS tearing up the dancefloor with funk fresh vibes. We are converts and then some when Sam Sparro joins up alongside.

Song preview below – for full track go to Spotify