Georgia stirred up quite a lot of interest around the release of her 80s styled, synth inspired track “About Work the Dancefloor” last April. Mainstream radio (that’s Radio One) were among the most avid supporters of the song. More than likely making them actively responsible for getting the tune stuck in listeners heads. (I know Nick Grimshaw’s air time, coverage with numerous plays of the track acted as the catalyst which firmly implanted it in my brain.) That’s all it took for Georgia to suddenly, be caught up a whirlwind, of music influencers and bloggers like myself, issuing comments, about how she is almost single handily carrying the torch for new electronic-pop. When many of the new music acts who are coming up, around her, are nothing, like her style-wise. I am happy in not being caught up on what is going on elsewhere since it is electronic-pop music such as Georgia’s, which feeds my soul.

Tracks, “About Work The Dancefloor” along with “Never Let You Go” are just two glimpses into Georgia Barnes hotly anticipated sophomore album “Seeking Thrills,” which drops on Friday. The BBC Sound of 2020 poll winner will be announced on Thursday, Georgia made it onto the longlist. What are the odds, she’ll scoop the winners spot? I honestly, don’t know, whatever the outcome, I am here for her music anyways.

Predictably, in what is a huge week, for her. She has just, put out a new single lifted from the album, and accompanying Joseph Connor directed, music video. “24 Hours” is another, rhythmically charged, effort. Drenched in dizzying, electronics and unquestionably personalised, lyrics, detailing Georgia’s experience of the party scene in Berlin. What our eyes and ears are being fed with, is effectively the equivalent of audio/visual ecstasy. Hedonistic and trippy. Buzzing with energy and movement.

There is no stopping Georgia, every one of her new tracks, are so good. She is firmly on the ascent. If we thought 2019 was impressive for her, expect it will go down in comparison as merely the tip of the iceberg of what could lay in store for 2020.

You will find the Georgia, track “About Work The Dancefloor” featured on our newly updated “This Beat Is Poptronik 2020” Spotify playlist (at this link.) Along with lots more, cool electronic-pop songs, many, we have written about here on EQ Music Blog.

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