I was so happy to notice a new video from Autoheart premiered on YouTube on Friday. Some weeks ago, as a matter of fact, the band gave out a little tease on the track “Time Machine” from last year’s “hellbent” album. Hinting via social media that they went to Scotland to shoot a video. At the beginning of last week came the announcement of a release date not only for the video, but also for an EP release. Which came out of the blue. Aside from the title track, the Time Machine” EP gives us an additional three new songs to bask in “Scorpio“, “If Only in the Night,” and “London in July“.

I noted previously in posts, Autoheart never gives away too much about the finer details of their lyrical narratives. Their preference is that listeners come up with their own interpretations. For this reason, we are urged to pay close attention to the unfolding stories and narratives that run through each new track. Autoheart’s signature trait of candid songwriting style is, at its core, powerfully descriptive and deeply touching. This EP excels in both strengths.

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The band’s observations on love and relationships have never felt more moving than on these four soul-stirring tracks. Whenever I listen to their music. I find that my mind switches on and immediately brings me into the situations they are addressing. In the same way, there is plenty to contemplate on the “Time Machine” EP. As an illustration, struggle around living authentically and soul-searching. Jealousy and toxicity. Love and yearning. Desire and vulnerability. As far as I gather, these being the topics seemingly raised in this release.

Feeling it is a profound track. The band put the effort in to create a music video for their song “Time Machine“. The Siri Rodnes‘ video clip tells a story that leaves room for interpretation. In my evaluation, I view the clip as detailing the scenario of a young guy attending a family outing. The chap shows no interest in the occasion. Yet, however, feels duty-bound to attend. As such, the guy turned up in their body while not fully present in this situation. Instead, caught up in an alternative daydream. They are seen as being alive and vibrant, living every moment to the fullest.

There is every possibility this video will draw up different conclusions for everyone.

Check the clip. Decipher the cryptic messages. Above all, while not forgetting there are three more gorgeous pop gems awaiting you on the “Time Machine” EP (HERE)

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