Good News, “Everything,” the fantastic new Sam Sparro release which I wrote about only just recently, now comes backed up with a joyously, funtastic music video. It is a very, good thing that some footage has arrived for this funky pop track. As the song has been repeatedly, spinning around in my brain since I was alerted to it, at the beginning of November. I am also of the opinion, not enough people as yet, have switched onto the song as they should. Any small way I can help people to wake up to the track, by writing about and sharing my thoughts on it, I feel, is a use worthy of my time.

When I say the music video is fun, I really, mean this with sincerity. As were Sam’s intentions, when he went about creating his vision for “Everything” with the video’s director Deanne Reynolds (aka DEDE.) The inspiration came from videos including, Janet Jackson’s “You Want This,” Spice Girls, “Say You’ll Be There” and Mariah Carey’s “Emotions.”

“We wanted to recreate that joy, and I wanted to take all those old school tropes and make them effortlessly, and naturally queer. I imagined if I had grown up seeing, five queer friends in a dance music video presented in a non-sensational way. What that would have felt like as a young person,” notes Sparro. Reynolds adds. “Sam created, this really, infectious song about how, when you find your one true love, it’s “Everything.” I think the world we created in the video, really, matches the joy of the song. I really, want to live in that world for, eternity!”

Me, too. Me too! – I want to live in the world within this music video. Just to be able to put life on hold, drop everything and go seek out an adventure, on a whim. What a totally, fabulous idea. Sam Sparro, will release his new album, “Boombox Eternal” (where “Everything” is lifted from,) in February 2020. Right now, I’ll settle for multiple listens of the funky Jam, while happy in the knowledge that it forms an excellent introduction to, what the new long-player has in store.

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