I find L Devine pretty, amazing. I have been listening to her tracks for a while. The 2018 “Peer Pressure” EP and its title track inspired by the classic coming-of-age movie “Heathers” are to my mind among the most brilliant examples of her early work. (I advise, you should really check them out. Charli XCX is a fan, she wanted to nab the track “Peer Pressure” for herself. She went so far as making a recording of it. Regardless of earning a super cool supporter – L Devine wouldn’t let it go, kept it firmly within her grasp instead.) Devine’s songs are inspired by her life and what she sees around her. It does come across that she’s pretty observant too. Isn’t afraid to say it how it is yet, moreover emits a style in the same lane as Lily Allen, but then again not in the same lane as sweary Lily Allen. Oh well, that’s not quite all the truth, if you really take notice of the “Peer Pressure” lyrics.

I think (convinced) L Devine is going to make a big splash in 2020. The press machine is definitely stepping-up on her, and prime time radio is already lending their support. I, too, am hugely excited by the new single “Boring People” (Annie Mac’s, Hottest Record In The World, last week.) The track is, noticeably, modern indie-pop. Very cool in that it’s acute observations are counter-balanced with a side helping of tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

To quote Devine…

“The chorus is a satirical take on the mundane parts of everyday life, while the verses get really introspective and self-deprecating. It’s basically a song about me getting bored of myself and all my bullshit. I think the sound of the song itself perfectly mimics the feeling in the lyrics. It has a really grungy, ‘90s garage rock feel.’”

Anyway, she really does look every inch the coolest pop upstart in the authentically distinctive music video. Reminiscent of vintage Kate Nash that is shaken and stirred with the sassy allure of Katie WhiteTing Ting. Yes, that measure of cool. I expect to see her name appear on lots of festival line-ups in the not so distant future and to also prominently occupy quite a lot of my music for listening pleasure time this year.

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