Far from falling off the radar after participating at Eurovision 2018, with “Dance You Off.” Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso has continued going from strength to strength while successfully growing his style and touring through 2019. Most recently announced, news from Benjamin Ingrosso HQ, reveals his debut album “Identification” has just, received a Swedish Grammy nomination. Even though he hasn’t long returned from carrying out a Nordic tour, there has been no dishing out of rumours surrounding upcoming releases. The Swede instead took to his social media, cutting to the chase by giving notice of new single “The Dirt,” arriving January, 17th.

Duly, after a quick count-down of teaser clips during the week, the track was unleashed on Friday. Again, the singer explores the pop/R’n’B vibe on the track. No complaints here with this, being that Benjamin’s charismatic voice lends particularly well to this style. The choice of style he ran with, does make complete sense when gaining some understanding of what “The Dirt” was written about. We only have to listen to the lyrics and take a peek at the video to figure out, the track recounts the story of a lost soul, who seeks his thrills by living on the wrong side of the law. He attempts to listen to his mother’s advice to clean up his act, yet the allure of danger is an adrenaline rush, he craves.

Benjamin usually writes from his own experience but, has stated…

“This is the first song I am releasing where I get to tell a story, that’s not about me at all. But I love it and hope everyone will get in the mood to dance!”

It is a fair comment to make that when in its original edit, the track is relatively stripped back, steered by the gentlest bursts of drums and percussion and guitar thrums. The alternative version breathes with production assisted grooves from TEN Music Group labels, producer/songwriter Nanno Veen and YARO (producer.) The production duo ensures “The Dirt” is, dancefloor-ready and pumping hot.

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