I’ve been eagerly following Moyka for the past six months, and I must say, her latest electronic pop music has been nothing short of amazing. Her sophomore album, “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak,” is out 20th October. And I am incredibly excited to hear it. As far, we know, the album centres around the concept of big emotions and the movie-like moments they create. The singles “Rear View,” “Already Gone,” “Don’t Turn Around,” and “Perfect Movie Scene” align with the album’s premise. Since they perfectly capture the complex feelings associated with love and heartbreak. Whether they bring us joy or sorrow, love has a way of turning our lives upside down.

Moyka just shared the music video for the latest single, “Perfect Movie Scene,” which serves as the final lead-in track before the album releases. The visual is directed by Sara Westergaard. Living in Norway, Moyka is privileged to be surrounded by breathtakingly stunning scenery. Thus making a “Perfect Movie Scene” never too far away. There’s an inexplicable spiritual-like energy that runs through the Norwegian landscape, which is often difficult to articulate, but for those who have visited, as I can attest, it’s an undeniable presence.

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In these last six months, I’ve been keeping up with Moyka’s music and I’ve noticed something pretty cool. She’s been experimenting with her music style and it’s really paying off. With each release, these tracks just become more epic and bold. I’ve also noticed that she’s been working with collaborator Eirik Hella and together they’ve been incorporating EDM elements into her music. It’s pretty awesome because it adds a whole new level of euphoria to her already amazing dark-edge alt-pop sound.

I’m so excited about the upcoming album “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak“! But the news that Moyka just announced her first headline European tour is even more thrilling! She will visit Bergen, Reykjavik, Trondheim, Stavanger, Berlin, Hamburg, and Zurich. And to top it all off, she will also be playing a London date. The Sebright Arms on November 1st. (DETAILS HERE)

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