I swear it seems like every time I go on vacation, my favourite music artists will release new music. Although, undoubtedtly, my main dilemma begins when I get back to home and have to decide which songs I have time to write about. However, writing about Moyka was never in doubt. Since I was anticipating the comeback of the Norwegian singer-songwriter. It’s also because she hasn’t yet released a track I haven’t found spellbinding.

In some way, I was a tad amused Moyka (a Norwegian artist) released a new song “Rear View” as I spent two weeks sailing the spectacular coast of Norway and the Artic. But, I was equally frustrated, I had to wait days to pick up a phone signal before I could enjoy the darkly mysterious synth-pop song for the first time.

She begins her new era with “Rear View” using her trademark haunting sonics that blends seamlessly with her suitably ethereal vocal. Another familiar trait of Moyka’s music I particularly enjoy is the sense of mystery evoked in her songs. In this outing, she expands on this signature style. Creating a soundscape which is progressively chilling and exquisite. It’s an exploration of destructive love through a cinematic perspective.

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In the music video directed by frequent collaborator Sara Westergaard Karlsen, Moyka exhibits her greatest growth as an artist. The clip is full of moodiness and expression and features many of Moyka’s favourite touch-points. Dimly lit visuals. The Norwegian landscape. Also once more, we see Moyka processing her feelings using expressive dance movements. Here, she appears absorbed by the immersive experience of encapsulating every detail of the lyrical narrative, about the difficulty of letting someone go. In conjunction with the music video, “Rear View” has a powerful energy that matches the track’s nuanced and emotional lyrics.

She won critics over with her debut album “The Revelations of Love“. With “Rear View,” the opening gambit of a new music era, Moyka adds some clout to her brilliant synth-pop mastery.

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