I feel it would be rude of me not to write about Moyka again, but especially because her tracks are simply thrilling to me. Norway’s latest pop sensation is almost ready to unleash her debut EP, “Circles” but has one last, gorgeous treat in store by way of a final teaser track “Ride.” Again, it is Moyka’s ethereally, piqued vocals which set the mood from the beginning of the track. She has a voice so effortlessly haunting, that it instantaneously brings on the chills. The groove is ice-cold. The lyrics mysterious and thoughtful, but although the track is frosty and chilling, it is still pop, and catchy.

Ordinarily, I don’t like to cut and paste passages from press releases, as I prefer to share my own thoughts and feelings about the songs I review. I am making an exception regarding “Ride” because the brief has what I consider to be, an important statement to share from the singer.

The press release states…

Producing the EP was as much of a catharsis for Moyka as writing the songs in the first place – it was a process of claiming ownership over her sound, establishing her musical character, and finishing something with love.

“There absolutely should be more women producers!” she cries. “It’s really important. I don’t know why there aren’t? It’s off-putting to walk into a room with a load of guys talking about plug-ins. It’s not productive when you’re a woman, and you need to find your own sound.”

Female producers encouraged her to talk about the sound she wanted in more, creative terms.

“It was empowering,” she adds. “We talked about the industry, how we feel, and experience things. What world you want to create, and how you want to do it. You don’t get that from just, talking about EQ, and other nerdy stuff, which you can get into later anyway. You want to learn the basics, how to have fun by yourself.”

It is this, forthright attitude from Moyka, which I find particularly, very empowering. I love her steely determination. It is great. And feel certain other emerging, female artists will find her a source of inspiration in their endeavours as well.

2019 has been a big year for Moyka she has brought her glistening synth-pop efforts to the world, and 2020 already looks poised to be somewhat bigger. It is confirmed that she will play Brighton’s, The Great Escape festival in May. Although, she will first head-over to London during November for a small showcase the “First Fifty” in support of the upcoming event. Grab your tickets HERE.

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