The latest Moyka album, “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak,” is a must-listen for all music lovers. With her sophomore long-player, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has outdone herself, showcasing her musical talent and exceptional production skills. From the outset, the album takes us on a journey through Moyka’s world of cinematic soundscapes, heart-breaking narratives, and fast-paced alt-electronic melodies. It’s a true masterpiece that captivates listeners with every single track. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak” yet, you’re missing out on one of the best electronic music albums of the year.

In complement of the “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak” release, Moyka also shared a series of music videos for the tracks “Rear View,” “Already Gone,” and “Perfect Movie Scene.” Each clip showcases her unique style with a touch of Nordic mysticism attached. These videos convey the common thread of a restless heart navigating through the complexities of relationships. Noticeably Moyka’s artistry is exceptional, and her videos are a must-watch for all music lovers who appreciate creative expression.

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Sharing the clip for “Never Say Sorry,” the visual noticeably showcases her artistic strengths like never seen before. The song is based on the idea that great heartbreakers never say sorry. Therefore, the video concept they chose, features Moyka and her sidekick, fellow Norwegian singer Iris Caltwait, as reckless and animated in their assigned movie-like roles. Once more, Sara Westergaard Karlsen directed the video, which appears to be influenced by the movie “Kill Bill“.

Watching the clip I couldn’t help but notice the incredible power she exudes. For one thing I’ve subsequently learned. That when Moyka’s back is against the wall, she’ll think nothing of whipping out a samurai sword in an blink of an eye. But that’s only a part of the story, and enough spoilers from me. Need To find out what happens next?… watch the clip for yourself.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want to miss out on “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak.” It’s a fantastic way to spend half an hour. Give it a listen and indulge in some great music. Listen HERE

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