It was exciting to note a new track by Moyka that popped up online this week. The Norwegian pop witch returns with her second track release of the year. The new song “Already Gone“, follow up to the darkly mysterious “Rear View,” is another captivating offering and mystical look into her beguiling world of music and art. Moyka describes “Already Gone” as – “The second taste, the other side of heartbreak, the uprising of a broken girl whose ready to fly again.”

Both new songs feature Moyka’s deep dive into electronic pop soundscapes which are stylistically reminiscent of Royskopp. The music, when paired with her ethereal and transcending vocals, somewhat bridges a gap left by Robyn. Since this is a music style, Moyka has experimented with before. The fact that she has not yet featured on a Royksopp project surprises me.

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In this era. A distinct connection between the Sara Westergaard-directed music videos and a larger concept, is evident, yet, only explained in part . Although, symbolic references like arrows and escalators are seen throughout the “Already Gone” video. The clip suggests there’s more to be discovered than meets the eye. In addition to the intense song lyrics. These symbolic gestures indicate someone wanting to take their life in a different direction.

It is interesting witnessing Moyka leap from electronic music into something where she creates a multisensory- a body of work. This does not apply to the music videos alone. Anyone who signed up to the mailing list will tell you. With each track release, Moyka sends out a gorgeous fanzine to her mailing list subscribers, which goes more in-depth about each song. They are each like beautiful, individual liner notes. Sign-up for Moyka’s mailing list HERE

Moyka is teasing what will inevitably end up as her sophomore album, and it is evident that she is kicking off a big year with a statement of intent.

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