It is funny how things always seem to align in unexpected ways. As a matter of fact, recently, I was extremely fortunate to get away on vacation. Wouldn’t you know it (since the scenario happened before, also,) Moyka released yet another new single! It’s almost as if she’s always one step ahead of me, no matter where I go. This time around, while I was soaking up the sun on a Mediterranean escapade, she dropped her latest track, “Don’t Turn Around.” It’s her third single of the year, and it’s already creating a fair amount of buzz.

As I’ve been following her music release journey since the beginning of her career, it’s fair to say that I’ve come to recognize her signature musical style. Although, while I appreciate her witchy alt-electronic pop offerings, I also approve that she’s venturing out of this comfort zone a bit now. On “Don’t Turn Around,” she noticeably experiments with EDM and heavy basslines, giving the music an extra dynamic twist. It’s great to witness her trying new things and evolving as an artist.

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Working with Anders Kjaer and Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet on these latest three tracks (“Rear View,” “Already Gone” and “Don’t Turn Around“) has really brought out Moyka’s adventurous side. In the latest track, “Don’t Turn Around,” it’s clear that Moyka is pushing herself creatively. It’s exciting to see her experimenting with new sounds and styles. This track feels like a breath of fresh air, enormous fun and filled with a purposeful sense of reinvigoration.

Speaking about the concept of her latest track, Moyka explains…

“This song is about a situationship where the door is always open, all you have to do is turn around, and it’s on again, just as easy as lighting a match”.

Furthermore, there is some thrilling news to share… Moyka has revealed that her second album, “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak,” will be available on October 20th. I had a hunch she was working on something new, after all the latest music releases. Accordingly, I’m eagerly anticipating this album and can’t wait to hear it!

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