Usually, I don’t cover album reviews on the blog. However, with that said. There are some music artists for which I am prepared to go the extra mile. The Norwegian artist, songwriter, and producer Moyka is one of those. I have supported her since the beginning. And it makes good sense that I keep the momentum going with a short review of the debut album from her, “The Revelations Of Love.”

Not many newcomers do this for me. But, Moyka clean took my breath away when in 2019, she unleashed her first track, “Colder,” online. Ever since, I have become hooked on her synthy, pop witch ways. I certainly have had no problems connecting with the music Moyka makes. Being that her brilliantly, accomplished musicality speaks to me in volumes.

Throughout 2021, she has serviced a sprinkling of new tracks. On the blog, I covered “As Long As You’re Here“. “Stay“. “I Don’t Wanna Hold On” and “Illusion“. These are flawless tracks when standing on their own. When put into the situation of an album, they help create a mystical synth-driven universe that tracks the course of a relationship. Starting from the first flourish of romance. To falling in and out of love. She achieves this with deeply thoughtful and affecting storytelling. The album pulls together under Moyka’s direction by creating both joyous, rousing, fist-bumping anthems. At other times by crafting, lyrics that when read, would read like a book of poetry. Moyka continuously brings her trademark dark, mysterious and danceable grooves to the pop altar on “The Revelations Of Love“. I rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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Moyka made a short documentary about the album. While being a good accompaniment piece. I felt it was great to share it because it gives some good insight into who Moyka is.

The most recent focus track is “When“. It is already a fan favourite because it is the last track she plays at her shows. It is also one of the final songs on the album. This is where Moyka confronts her feelings, knowing that love has gone cold. Her head knows she should move on, but her heart isn’t ready to let go. The music touches upon these emotions, exudes a spellbinding quality and incorporates attention-grabbing production. She made a fully-formed masterpiece of the album. A job well done.

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The excellent debut album “The Revelations Of Love” is out now. Wrap your ears around it – here

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