More, new Moyka. Yes, please! Keep the electronic-pop goodness coming is my mantra. My newest favourite Norwegian artist is on an unstoppable course of releases leading towards the slated June 2020 launch of her sophomore “Spaces” EP. Last month saw the young talent deliver the fearlessly, fabulous EP title track. Yet here she is back again, in practically no time at all introducing us to “Backwards,” another edge of your seat, gripping thrill-ride of electronica.

One of my first ever remarks about Moyka was how I was picking up a tonne of Röyksopp like influence coming through in the style of her music. She has really, never let go of this sensibility. Over, the course of a year it has somewhat become her signature brand. I love the clash of music drama teamed with her deeper reaching, observational storytelling. Both so emotive and evocative that it sends a wave of tingles, shooting up my spine. I feel these effects always when I listen to Moyka tracks, so I am certain it is not a strange symptom which could possibly mean I’ve come into contact with the unmentionable C-19.

Similarly with previous release “Spaces,” new cut “Backwards” is also a song about wanting to move on from heartbreak and sorrow. Begging me to question whether the rising Nordic star is unreservedly a big romantic at heart. As my sorceress senses lead me to believe that she feels deeply about everything she puts her mind too. It was passion like this, for her craft, one attribute among many which attracted me to her enticing, witchy ways. We have met the singer through her music, but I get the idea she’ll be far more guarded on letting us in on a personal level. If honest, I much prefer that an air of, lingering intrigue burns, brightly on. If she keeps on putting out releases of such exquisite calibre (as I am sure she will) she’ll be garnering critical acclaim before the year is up.

Connect with Moyka
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moykamusic/
Twitter: @moykamusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moykamusic/

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