New Norwegian pop music has been high on the radar in recent weeks, not least because of the success of the track “Spirit In The Sky” by KEiiNO which represented Norway at Eurovision. I know of another fantastic Nordic talent, who seems poised to earn quite a lot of attention. Singer-songwriter Moyka from Bergen. Her debut release “Colder” was both ambitious and breathtaking for a first offering. It drew a lot of parallels to the heavy synth style in which Röyksopp work. If you haven’t checked out “Colder” already, you really should look it up (HINT, you can do so by heading over to my review here.) For certain, I feel you will be captivated by Moyka’s pure and haunting voice as much as I was when I first heard her. Guess what… the follow-up single “Bones” is equally as epic.

It is clear Moyka wants to make us dance. Why is this? As with debut “Colder,” the new single “Bones” see’s her using EDM within her music. Like most Nordic music in general, she makes a standard synth-pop banger more appealing and interesting by taking the reigns with her cool, clear voice. The two tracks permeate a widescreen sound which is equally charged with electrifying energy and imbued with arching, heartfelt emotion. Catchy riffs are in abundance as are a pinch of pop sensibilities. To serve them some bigger justice, they are incredible pieces of electro-pop and a masterclass in songwriting.

“They say love makes people blind”, but Moyka “swears she lost her mind.” “Bones” documents her feelings about love and the fear of losing someone. Most probably through experience, through gaining an understanding of some of the complexities which define the emotional state.

We now have two tastes of her music to enjoy, and I feel it is a fair comment to make, these tracks are a love affair with your headphones waiting to happen. Yes, it’s all shaping up rather nicely for Moyka, remember her name, shes on the ascent for definite. A rapidly rising star.

Connect with Moyka
Twitter: @moykamusic