It wouldn’t feel right if, with every blast of glorious summer weather we’re given, that there isn’t a new track from Dagny to go with it. It’s almost becoming customary for the Norwegian singer to spring into action immediately before festival season, gets into full swing, offering up a fresh tune that will see us dancing our way through the following months, until, Autumn sets in. You only have to take a look at the previous releases “Backbeat“, “Fools Gold” and “Wearing Nothing” to understand Dagny loves a summery track, much like the rest of us do. In 2018, the singer is aiming to do things a little differently, albeit subtle on “That Feeling When” where she’s gone a touch softer, bringing in a sonic sound, rich with atmospherics.

The track is the first, of two releases due to arrive before summer. The singer states, “It was written on an early autumn day in the studio, on my favourite instruments the Omni chord. The inspiration for the song came from the hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen and, was written from my personal histories of not only, falling in love, but also sorrow.”

If you’re now thinking, I hope the song still has some of the Dagny of old about it you’re in luck because once again she’s struck gold with the catchy, sing-along chorus. However, the song is definitely, a departure from the poppier sound but not so much that it is unrecognisable or totally on another footing altogether. The accompanying video is rather lovely as well. The clip was filmed, in Tromsø, Norway, and shows the singer cooing about being too scared to fall in love while, strolling through the breathtaking snowy landscape of the place she calls home. The icy scenes do lend themselves well to the cautious and vulnerable nature felt in the lyrics of the song. Similarly the same, as with the live performance clips which herald in the rousing chorus section.

Dagny has an artful way of arranging beautiful songs and compelling melodies by presenting them in an elegant electronica manner so chill you’ll get goosebumps. On “That Feeling When” she’s mesmerised us yet, again.

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