The Nordic pop singer-songwriter Dagny rarely lets us see her most vulnerable side. Although she is no stranger to sharing heartbreak pop songs with us. She favours a style, where she can put a positive spin on these situations, by using upbeat melodies and the catchiest musicality within reach of the Arctic Circle. Yet, particularly with her song “Highs and Lows,” she is slowing down the pace with good reason. And is doing so because she is about to start work on her sophomore album. And in follow-up to her double A-side album “Strangers / Lovers” of 2020.

The release of “Highs and Lows” is quite the mood change for Dagny, not least for the important reason described above. Additionally for the fact, of the adrenaline rush undoubtedly felt while touring this summer. Unquestionably these exciting adventures will have given her plenty to reflect on when embarking on the new album.

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Since there is no immediate need (because of touring) to unleash another heart-pounding anthem. The opportunity does, however, present a window that enables her to release something a little unexpected but equally well-received similarly by fans and pop music listeners. With this in mind, she is putting out the rawest and most lyrically personal piece of her career. And importantly is doing so on her own Little Daggers Records imprint. This is a good indicator of just how much she has grown in confidence musically since her 2015 break-out release “Backbeat“.

Commenting on “Highs and LowsDagny says…

“You could say it’s about unconditional love – about steadily standing by someone’s side through all the highs and the lows, all the easy and the challenging. I hope this song is gonna feel like a warm hug for someone who needs it.”

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