What’s that you’re saying again Dagny! “Baby I feel like wearing nothing”… well the same can’t be said of the video. Let’s face it would have been too obvious a route for the visual to go in and I don’t really think we would have expected that kind of cliché from Dagny. There’s lots of cute vintage wardrobe changes in it though. Infact, the whole clip is tailored around it.

If we take a lead from the action in the video, it’s actually giving out another message which quashes any pre-conceived ideas about what the heart of this song is about. Take a look at the visual and you’ll be hit by the symmetry between Dagny and her co-star. They’re doing everything dance style, in a uniform fashion. It’s all about being in tune / on the same level with your significant other. So, naming this track “Wearing Nothing” has all been a bit of a tease by Dagny.

What isn’t a wheeze however, is how very, very good this song actually is. I think we’ll be hearing it quite a bit, when summer hits us with it’s sunny warmth.

I hope you didn’t miss my write-up of Dagny at The Great Escape, because we fell head-over-heels in pop love with the Norwegian’s captivating acoustic set and it only added weight to our feeling that she’s on the cusp of greatness.