From last year’s buzz to this year’s summer release.

This is exactly what is happening in the new music sector right now.

We’re putting it down to the beginning of festival season and that we’re hitting into the midst of summer. Nonetheless, the opportunity presents itself to pour a bit of added heat onto some already stellar tracks which bubbled up as end of year tastemaker fever took over the blogosphere.

One such track which captured our attention came via the virtually unheard of Norwegian singer DAGNY. Although, it wasn’t so much a buzz that debut track “Backbeat” created, it was more the case of instantly igniting the blogging community ablaze, after it was served a Beats 1 premiere slot.

Let’s be honest a pop song festooned with handclaps and a jaunty melody as it’s driving force, has all the requisite of a crowd pleaser. This is totally the arena that “Backbeat” was surely always destined for.

So now it’s time to get real on this, and see this beat-by-beat impressive pop nugget reach its full impact.

Thus, gaining some visual weight behind it, the already super-catchy “Backbeat” is now giving of an even more sparkly presence. Primarily gleaned from an array of glittery objects:- mirrorballs, a wardrobe of spangled tops and projected light FX, which are a befitting way to dazzle the senses as much the effervescent nature of the song directs.

For all the glitter and shiny things, it doesn’t out dazzle the most important element……the song. It works in complement to it. In all truth, you couldn’t out do the join-along handclap beats in “Backbeat” if you tried, because they are so irresistible. You’ll probably quite find that your handies will take the matter into their own and burst into a spontaneous round of applause before you hit upon that section of the song #FACT.

We see what you did there DAGNY – nice one! We would have sung our praises for “Backbeat” to you in a pattering of handclaps anyways, such is our liking for your very handclappy infectious song!