Awesome. Dagny who is one of our favourite Norwegian songstresses has unleashed yet another new track. “Used To You” is her third release in as little as three months and you won’t hear me complaining, because her gorgeous vocals have always been like pop gold to me. Have we or have we not been thoroughly spoilt for choice with these latest shimmering pop bangers? The elegantly chilled “That Feeling When” and club-orientated release “Drink About” with fellow Nordic production trio Seeb. And now we have “Used To You“, the best of the bunch.

The track adheres ‘s to a lot of what we have come to recognise as Dagny’s signature traits. A gleaming electronic-pop melody which perfectly, deserves plenty of rotation on radio and take up a priority place, on summer playlists everywhere. We’ve come to know, Dagny’s extraordinary vocal ability and honest emotional expression, have the power to capture an audience, quick smart. She wrestles with topics such as love and relationships but always turns her truest thoughts, and emotions into remarkable songs which I for one, cannot help falling instantly, in pop love, with.

Dagny does not make anything, but beautifully formed pop music and memorable songs with incredible production. For the most part, her style is danceable and catchy, but with an audibly beating heart. The overall pop aesthetic amounts to, dreamy washes of synths with pure pop melodies and an effervescently catchy chorus. What is more, this all appears to come quite naturally to her although, I’m sure it is part and parcel of hard work and talent coming to fruition. Dagny is still one of the most polished and exciting new acts to emerge from Norway during the past few years. I can say this about each and every song she has released, with specific regard to “Used To You.” Trust me. Get ready to press the replay button over, and over and over.

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