Norwegian singer Dagny has upped the ante on recent tracks “Fools Gold” and “Wearing Nothing“, these songs have helped cement her place in pop and raise her profile in a prominent way which has seen the singer being asked to collaborate with other artists. The impact of “Wearing Nothing” has been nothing short of sheer pop brilliance. Like me, you’ve probably heard it being played everywhere from the local supermarket to your favourite night spot and might have missed Dagny’s guest spot on production duo NOTD debut “Summer Of Love“, a quieter release in comparison.

The sparkly blonde appears to have found her niche with infectiously, catchy pop numbers that bang and now she’s found what works best for her she’s delivering gorgeous, memorable songs with serious hit-making potential, hit by hit. The successful recipe continues to work on “Love You Like That“, which show’s a more romantic side to Dagny that we’ve not encountered before. On the song, Dagny noted: “‘Love You Like That” is the first proper love song I’ve ever released. It’s funny because I’ve always been wary of using the phrase “I love you” in songs, in fear of sounding too cliché or corny, but then I just went and broke the “amounts-of-I love you-in-one-song” record. And it feels good. I’m not a particularly romantic person nor am I great at telling people how I feel about them, so this was probably long over-due. If you love someone, you should tell them.”

On the track, Dagny pulls in her most charismatic performance yet, perfectly demonstrating that she’s destined for much bigger things and one of the pop’s brightest hopes for 2018. Don’t underestimate the abilities of this Scandi pop artist as I have a feeling, Dagny’s got an ace or two tucked up her sleeve in reserve waiting to blow everyone out of the water soon enough.

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