How dare Lady Gaga release, “Rain On Me” on exactly the same day Dagny unleashed the first six-track instalment from her “Strangers / Lovers” debut album. Sure, the sweet and lovely Norwegian pop export has amassed a positively sizeable amount of tracks to her name which stretches as far back as 2015, and probably beyond that, if I had a mind to double-check on it. My whole hankering for a Dagny album became an incredibly important item on my wish list since catching her perform live during the Great Escape, in 2017. While I’ve been prompted to speak about the latest splendid singles “Come Over” and “Somebody.” I also wanted to share some love, for the track “Let Me Cry,” because being placed mid-way through the tracklist it seems it might be regarded as a lesser track, (it, really isn’t in my view) and therefore be likeliest the one which listeners will leap over.

Purposefully launched as a two-part release, “Strangers / Lovers” has been formed as a concept album. The A-side which has now landed with us breathes, optimism, particularly the fuzzy feelings we associate with meeting someone special for the first time before our emotions tip over into the more intrepid territory of falling in love.

Each one of this new crop of tracks from Dagny puts different aspects of love under the microscope. I’ve previously dived in on the obvious pop belters of the release. My latest pick “Let Me Cry” is a softer, subtle pop song guided by frank, open lyrics. The track goes out of its way to highlight how someone can appear outwardly, steadfast and strong on the outside. Yet when they find someone who they feel comfortable opening up to, they will get to see all their colours. It’s about finding someone to trust when you’re at your most vulnerable and knowing that you won’t be thought any less of. I just think that after we come out of this historic episode we’ve all just been through, there’s going to be a lot more opening up and reaching out to come yet. “Let Me Cry” sums this up perfectly. When you come to listen to “Strangers / Lovers” don’t skim over this track, it more meaningful than you might at first glance give it credit for.

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