Sorry to disappoint. Meaning, you might have noticed I did not react to the Pussycat Dolls new video that everyone else is talking about. To those who thought I might wade in, making a comment or two about the girl groups steamy promo clip, you are just going to have to settle with a great big fat nada from me. In truth, I am far more interested in diving in, to speak on “Come Over” by Dagny.

Another truth. I have had my eye on the Dagny release for weeks. My plan all along was to share my love for the track when it dropped on Friday. Furthermore, I have been sitting here, salivating over the delicious pop morsel for days, thanks to team Dagny who kindly sent the clip over the earlier in the week. What can I say, events took a sudden turn and plans got ripped apart. We were approached about the single release by Electric Pineapple featuring Mutya of the Sugababes, and being that you’ve read the feature that went out on Friday, you’ll know all about that.

It has been some journey getting to write about “Come Over,” but now I can share my thoughts…

Before hitting play on the track, I found myself pondering…has Dagny ever released anything other than a great pop song? The excitement was already there with me before I had even heard a beat of it. As soon as, I went in on my first listen, I became swept up in the tracks magic and was hit by the immediate feeling of how gloriously wonderful this song is. “Come Over” is classic Dagny, made of what she does best. A pattern which follows the course of, somewhat, delicate, and vulnerable, softer verses leading to big rousing choruses. Seems to me, she’s made this her speciality. And I do think continuing in this style will help to make a good debut album when it arrives later in the year.

The video is super fun. The clip has such a joyful vibe. I am loving it. Dagny is a vision in fuschia pink. Appearing like a proper little miss sunshine with her cute grin and smiling eyes. How can you not feel good when either listening to or watching her perform? She’s been a bundle of cheeriness ever since I first noticed her on “Backbeat.” I feel sure the trend will not stop here but continue into the album, which I am now immensely looking forward to.

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